Pizza Boy Delivers To Strip Club. Doesn’t Return To Work

Benjamin Minitman figure when he was dispatched to deliver a pizza to strip club, he only dreamed of getting a glimpse of a few exotic dancers; He never imagined the night would turn into the chain of events that would forever change the life of an exotic dancer and a local pizza driver. (To be continued)

Man Sues Woman for Leading Him On.

Whether it’s a sign of the times or a continuation of the battle of the sexes, Adam Lighten of Salt Lake City, feels “salty” about Cindy’s Lorman’s actions during their meeting last Friday night.

It all began with the two interacting as their path’s crossed on a popular doggie trail. Adam, an accountant and proud owner of a Beagle explains he filed a civil lawsuit against the woman because of a tab she racked up while they interfaced from approximately 6 pm til 2 am Saturday morning.  He states what started out as spontaneous conversation, led to him paying over $4,000 to restaurant/clubs and services during the 8 hour engagement.

“I’m out of week’s paycheck all cause this lady wanted a night of glitz and glamour and doesn’t want to pay for any of it,” alleged  Adam. “I’m a complete gentleman but I knew something was wrong when she ordered and drank 3 cosmopolitan with only top shelf liquor. The night continually got more and more outrageous after each place we went to. I used up all my cash and maxed out my cards.” The self acclaimed gentleman went on and on, but before we could print his word for words, we wanted to hear Miss Cindy Lourman’s side of the date, a hairstylist and proud owner of a Poodle was not at a loss for words.

“This guy is out of his mind,” said Cindy. “I get this letter from the court-house That I’m actually being sued for $4,000 dollars plus damages for emotional distress. Ridiculous! He (Adam) had a cute dog and was nice to talk to when our dogs met. But no matter how much a man spends on me, it doesn’t always mean his fantasies will come true. Cindy continued, “He did spend some money on me, but I’m no cheap date. If he thinks I’m gonna pay back one cent, he’s in for a rude awakening in court. He’ll be denied twice!” added the curvaceous hairstylist.

Our reporter heard both sides of their entire story, and the following is our take on what transpired during there close encounter.

Adam arrived with at the Duey Dog park on his typical dog walk Friday at 6pm. Cindy’s Poodle approached his Beagle and they became smitten. After some small talk Adam asked Cindy out that evening. She took him up on the invite and agreed to meet him at the La Blanche French Quarters, a pet friendly 5 star restaurant/hotel reserved for Salt Lake City’s VIP residents and tourists. For a small fortune, each guest gets their own secluded table accompanied by extra “Doggie chairs” to appease both people and their hounds.

Cindy immediately showed her expensive taste.

“I’ll take the Surf and Turf at the market price,” Cindy said to the formal waiter. “But for starters I’ll have a glass of Cognac and The Penthouse sampler.”

“Will that be all,” asked the waiter. “No,” she sharply replied “aren’t you forgetting somebody.” Then she motioned and pointed to Gypsy, her now salivating , long-tongued Poodle. “She’ll have the same.” the established server made his notes with one eyebrow raised, one dipped, and then turned his attention to Adam.

“Sir, and you,” said the waiter. Adam, now turning slightly pale but posturing with confidence, ordered. “Um, yes. I’ll just have the soup. Cup of Chowder please.”                            “And for your dog,” asked the waiter. “Oh yes, um. He’s not hungry,” Adam replied, rubbing and massaging his dog’s neck “He ate before we got here.”

The waiter, now both eyebrows raised left the foursome to fetch their order.

The awkward silence magnified the blended sounds of classical live piano, glasses grazing each other, and the buzz from a busy fine dining Friday night crowd.

“I Love live Jazz,” said Cindy, petting her dog. “It’s just so relaxing. especially after a day like I had.”

She went on to explain her day; The busy saloon. Her demanding boss. The rude customers. Adam observed her red lips moving but he couldn’t digest what she was saying. Instead he was contemplating math in his head, tallying up what the bill was estimated at this point, and looking out the silk curtained windows. She went on about her day. He kept calculating numbers in his head. He asked to excuse himself to the men’s room where he quickly regained his composure, checked to make sure he had his credit cards, check-book , ample cash and looked himself in the mirror and regained his manly stance and made his way back to his date and furry guests, chest out, confident, poised and with a determined face sat down at the table. He only uttered only two words before she quickly stood up and asked “So what’s your favorite song?” as she eyed the piano performer. Adam, speechless, now stuttering, could only sound garbled as he motioned in confusion, both palms up, his body asking a full question mark. “Oh, I know,” Cindy exclaimed. “Sinatra. Everybody loves Sinatra. She boldly strutted over towards the grand piano, leaned over stretching her red dress against the frame of the piano. Her bosom now in front of the piano player, her dress rising and tightening at the hips.

“Let me hear some Sinatra. You know any Frank?”

“I – I, I do,” stuttered the piano man. “as soon as I get through this piece, I’ll play your request.”

Meanwhile the manager approached Adam and explained the tipping policies of songs requested and reminded him of the etiquette of the one-of-a-kind restaurant exercised.

“There’s no tipping jar allowed at the piano,” explained the manager. We’re all about class here. Our live performers work mostly on tips. We find tip jars to be tacky. But we do expect our elite piano player to be tipped when he gets a request.”

“I understand,” Adam confided. “I heard about this place. Never been here before. Mostly celebrities are filthy rich, _ I mean, wealthy”

‘Nevermind,” the manager interrupted. “please meet our valet parking attendant.” Adam slightly turned his view to the left and looked up to a 6’8” well dressed linebacker. “But you don’t offer parking here,” Adam said, puzzled. “That’s correct Mr. Lighten. We don’t like the term bouncer. It’s not class-

“Classy!.” I know! I get it, bellowed Adam. “Look, I just wanna get through this dinner and…”

“That is what we wish too sir, whispered the manager.  “Now could you kindly tip the valet attendant before we call the bouncer. We just want everyone to be happy.” Adam pulled out a 100 dollar bill, handed it to the parking attendant and said, “I hope this will suffice.”

“She’s a keeper,” said the large man, as he placed his large hand on Adam’s shoulder. “Where’d ya meet her?” At the Duey dog park.

“No, the dog I was talking about,” laughed the bouncer, pointing to Gypsy. “Oh, it’s my date’s dog,” explained Adam. We just met. She wanted to stop for a drink here at the bar but then decided when we got here to have dinner.” Both men chuckled intensely then walked away. Raven, Adam’s beagle looked at him, tilted his head back and forth, then glanced over at his date who was now snapping her fingers in rhythm to the piano player. Cheering him on, and gaining the attention of more guests. Adam mimicked his dog’s actions while stuffing his wallet back in his pocket.

Cindy finally returned, and enthusiastically said “This is just what I needed. I haven’t been out for like forever.” She flirtasiuosly swung her hair away from her green and eyes and “Let’s dine and dash!” Leaning in towards Adam she whispered, “Come on. I haven’t done it since college. What’d ya say?” She glanced around unscrupulously. Adam leaned in towards her. His voice low and trembling, “We could go to jail.” He looked left and right and then studied the exit. “But I used to do it to with my fraternity brothers. So tell you what, you take the dogs to the bathroom, I’ll go out for a cigarette and order Uber. Give it 5 minutes. I’ll be inside the Uber parked out front. Just jump it and well tell the driver to floor it.” Cindy laughed softly. “Sounds like a plan,” she replied.

Adam nerviously drew on his cigarette while watching the Uber app on his phone. Cindy executed her part of the plan as she reapplied her make up while grooming the two dogs and the bathrooms express grooming station. They sped off in a back set of a hybrid, both windows down, laughing outta control while each of Gypsy and Raven held their heads out the window. All four were in good spirits. Cindy starting giving directions to the driver to head for Salt Lake City’s finest night club, the Roxy, a private club which was reserved for special occasions and appointment only. She pulled out her phone from her kashmir purse and requested a full room with an open bar. Adam was unaware of the converdation as he looked out the back window, staring and the Blanche hotel shrinking in his view until it was out of sight.